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Ten things we'd like you to know about our firm

What is Tandem?

Our definition of tandem is two forces driving together toward a common or shared goal. Tandem Marketing creates, develops and implements creative marketing strategies and marketing services with and for its clients.

These services are designed to assist business managers and owners achieve the position that their firms are capable of attaining in their various marketplaces. Some of the better known services are advertising, sales promotion, market research, public relations and trade show marketing.

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What benefits would you gain from Tandem's services?

Our approach is to work with you to help dramatically introduce products to the marketplace with fresh, innovative marketing concepts that...

  • Create greater awareness of products among those people who will buy and/or specify your products and services.

  • Effectively position your products in those buyers' minds.

  • Promote the owner or user benefits of your products.

  • Overcome purchasing objections.

  • Develop additional markets for your products.

  • Help your customers feel satisfied and rewarded with their decision to buy your products.

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What kind of services does Tandem offer?

Good marketing service helps companies increase market shares and profits.

Tandem's marketing services include industry and market research, advertising, sales promotion campaigns, direct mail, product and/or corporate public relations, marketing consulting, trade show marketing.

Our services can augment the efforts of your marketing and sales departments on long-range strategies and program implementation. Or, we can assist on short-term and individual projects.

What does Tandem do best?

Tandem's goal is to help drive sales for clients.

Our rewards come from the satisfaction of seeing our clients' success in using tools and techniques we have recommended and/or created and produced for their use.

Our business grows when we provide services that are valued by our customers-when those services produce tangible results that help our client organizations to succeed.

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What can you, as a client expect from us?

Typically, our service begins with an introduction of our companies.

We'll need to secure current information about your organization. Your products. Your markets. Your people. Your views on competition.

You'll need to feel comfortable with us, assured of our capabilities.

We'll conduct a primary investigation of your marketplace to familiarize ourselves with your products and your competition.

As insight to your challenges and opportunities grows, we'll begin to formulate strategies and action plans with you.

Our recommendations are based on sound marketing principles and are designed to work in concert with your business operations-to provide maximum impact for the results you desire.

Tandem will work within your system, to show you what can be accomplished. Our recommendations are never canned, but created to meld with your company's situation and opportunities.

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Do we need a long-term requirement for Tandem Marketing to give us a hand?

Depending on your requirements and budget, our recommendations might take the form of a complete marketing communications program for one to three or more years. Or, you may desire specific project work for short-term needs.

Many clients call on us for a single project, say, for developing an advertisement they'd like to place in an upcoming directory or special issue of a magazine or newspaper. Others seek advice on press relations. For conducting market research or developing a sales training aid. To develop a product or service brochure. To write a speech. To create and manage a sales event; to perform media analyses; or, to meet any number of requirements from a range of other marketing disciplines.

Once special project clients see what we can do for them and how we operate, they usually find other ways in which Tandem Marketing can help. Help is the reason we're in business.

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How does Tandem Marketing operate?

Depending on the scope and range of our requested involvement, we will, in our proposal, detail recommendations, evaluation and reporting techniques.

We'll finalize time tables. Confirm estimates and levels of services you will expect. And, we'll incorporate changes that you may desire.

Upon acceptance of our proposal and estimate of costs and services, you enter an order for us to proceed.

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What does it cost? And, how do we bill?

The firm earns its compensation through fees charged for account personnel on a time-input basis. Fee schedules for various levels of client service can be reviewed at any time, and cost ledgers are always available for client audit.

To conduct detailed market research studies, our planning and research activities are billed at a rate of $95 per hour. Outside services and production are billed at cost, plus 20 percent.

Art, copy writing and production services are billed at $50-$150 per hour, and are estimated prior to beginning a project. Under normal circumstances, media services (analysis, research, planning, scheduling, placement, accounting, verification and coordination) are not billed. Most media will discount recognized agencies 15 percent of the gross charges. Non-commissioned media placement, however, is billed at cost, plus 15 percent.

Tandem performs most of its creative functions in-house. Staff is kept lean to compress costs for clients, using contract talent when required. Such services may, depending on the requirements of a project, include photography, illustration, broadcast production, typography, color separations and printing. We maintain good relations with a network of qualified suppliers-locally and nationally, allowing us to purchase needed services at the best possible prices for our clients. Outside services are billed at cost, plus 20 percent.

As do most marketing agencies, Tandem Marketing typically invoices for services, costs and expenses monthly or semimonthly, depending on the scope, duration and cost of a project. Progress reports are issued with billing, and periodic conference memoranda are submitted when deemed appropriate by either party. In that way, our clients know what they are paying for, when and why.

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Why should you select Tandem Marketing from all others who offer similar products/services?

Too often, marketing communications and graphic arts firms specialize in one discipline. That means business managers are forced to go to a research firm for research. An advertising firm for advertising. A graphic design firm for art. A printer for advertising printing. A PR firm for public relations and publicity.

Results: the image and thrust of your marketing can suffer from a lack of coordination and central core consistency. What's more, you could be dealing with many sources for one overriding function.

As your agency, we work with you. We take the time to listen. To understand. And we strive to bring creativity to the marketing of your products and services to other businesses.

And we know how to translate the technical aspects of business into the language that motivates buyers who are interested in your products and services.

We do that with copy that's crisp, clean, and believable. And with art that is unique, yet doesn't overwhelm the message. We care about your business and want it to succeed.

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How can you maximize the value of Tandem's services to your organization?

Because we're communicators, the best way for us to help in your marketing efforts is knowledge of what's on your mind and what you see developing in your marketplace and at your organization.

What are the current challenges facing your company?

Can you turn those marketing obstacles into opportunities?

Are your current advertising, public relations and sales promotional efforts and expenditures providing suitable returns for the money you've been getting?

Are you satisfied with the results?

If you have a special requirement, let us know about it. If you don't have the answers, we might. If we don't, chances are that we know where and how to get them.

Tell us what's coming up. Let us know when you have a deadline approaching or a requirement that needs to be met.

And, tell us what you like about the work we submit for your review and approval. Tell us also what you don't like about it. We listen.

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