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Optimize content for search engine compatibility.

Ideally, individual Web pages should be designed and written for a single key phrase; then, optimized for each major Search Engine and/or directory. In reality, that's not possible.  

Instead, your marketing copy should embrace a visitor and lead him or her to an action you'd prefer them to take. Working within that structure and advising changes where necessary, we will suggest embellishments that will help guide the indexing values for Search Engines and directories so that they take the action desired.

After key phrases have been determined and melded into body copy, we examine HTML coding. The following are critical. Nothing revolutionary, here. Others techniques are not so obvious.

  • Head and title tags MUST be properly formatted.

  • Keyword and description meta tags must be properly created and placed.

  • Image ALT tags should be constructed to complement key phrase relevancy.

  • If you have a frameset site, keywords, descriptions and content should be contained within a <noframes> tag. (Do you know how?)

  • If using JavaScript links or image maps, text links should be added. (BTW, how big is that script in your head tag? Or, is it?)

  • The page's title, description, and heading tags ideally should include the key phrase.

  • Beware that search engine compatibility could be affected by dynamically-generated pages (.cgi, .asp, .cf, .php, etc.) by animated and image files. 

  • Are you "flashed?" You might like it; but Search Engines don't. All is not lost, however.

Each of the coding items should be adjusted on your index or default page. Each major sub-level or category page that should be indexed and must also be optimized for the search engines. 

Site Analysis for SEO • Page Optimization for each SE • Search Engine Submission • Search Engine Positioning Progress Monitoring • Search Engine Positioning Maintenance • Internet Marketing Strategies

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