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Search Engine Submission.

Each search engine and directory has specific criteria and requirements when accepting a request to be listed in the search engine database. That is what a submission is:  a request to be indexed.

It is common professional practice to submit all URLs individually. So, don't be misled by those bulk email offers!

We evaluate each search engine's requirements before submitting a single page for a client. 

Non compliance with these ever-changing guidelines can result in failure to be registered. Abuse of the the search engine or directory's submission guidelines can cause an IP address to be blocked from any future search engine submission. We don't want that to happen.

Directory submissions are different than search engine submissions. They are billed separately. Paid inclusion to major directories a trend may be recommended if deemed appropriate and necessary by competitive analysis.

Index verification.

Each search engine or directory has a timeframe during which you can expect a URL to be registered within the search engine database. We call this database registration "indexing." On some engines, not too long ago, it could take as few as 24 hours. Now, it is running 2-10 weeks or longer. 

We verify indexing to confirm that submitted pages have been registered within the appropriate review periods. 

Follow-up search engine submissions of URLs are performed only if necessary after those timeframes have elapsed. We resubmit for the Search Engine's robot to spider your site; and, failing that trigger to a machine, we will follow-up with a human editor or supervisor. 

Site Analysis for SEO • Page Optimization for each SE • Search Engine Submission • Search Engine Positioning Progress Monitoring • Search Engine Positioning Maintenance • Internet Marketing Strategies

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Last Modified:  Friday, January 25, 2008