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How many search engines and directories exist?

Don't try to count them all. Less than a couple dozen drive 90+ percent of all the Internet traffic. 

Two search engines and two directories dominate the search field on the Internet: Google, Bing, Yahoo Directory and DMOZ, the human-edited, open directory.. Several others fall in behind, many of which take their feed from the main contenders.

Tailor-made for conflict.

Because each competes for users, directories or search engines are tailored to satisfy the profiles of their customers or users. They present sets of preferences that measure how and where pages will be positioned within their index of Internet content. 

To be optimally indexed within the search engines, Website pages need to be written and constructed properly, coded correctly, and presented effectively to each search engine or directory. Backlinks are another crucial issue.

What could be preferred by one search engine, may be penalized by the standards engineered by another. 

What should you do?

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Last Modified:  Saturday, December 22, 2012