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Why search engine positioning is so important.

Favorable positioning within popular Internet search engines and online directories contributes significantly to the success of an aggressive online presence.

Somewhere between 90 and 95 percent of all Internet users either navigate to or begin their online sessions with a search engine, directory, or other Internet portal that contains search features. 

As many as 300 million people could be on the Internet at any given time nearly 174 million from the U.S. More than a third of Americans use the Internet to search for products and services. 

That's the universe.

What part of that market is important to you? 

With all its pitfalls and diversions, the World Wide Web is still an information source. Responsible users rely on it for that purpose and as a tool to find products, product information, services, corporate contacts, and more.

How many of your current customers, prospects, suppliers, investors, media contacts, employees or other interested groups will use search engines to find some information on your organization?

How do Internet users discover that you have information to share and something that might benefit them? 

Do search engine search results show pages from your Web presentation? 

Or, does someone else's online content get the attention and draw the site visits?  ... a sale?  ... a special offer?  ... an investment  ... magazine coverage  ... or something else that could have benefited you?

So, why should you bother with search engine positioning?

Why Search Engine Positioning? • Optimizing for Search Engines • Search Engine Conflicts • The Learning Curve • SEO Services • Search Engine Masters • Site Assessment Request

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Last Modified:  Friday, January 25, 2008