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Why us?

We are marketing specialists who understand the need for positioning products and services in a marketplace. We are not IT specialists trying to be optimizers. 

Our path to search engine optimizing came through content development for our clients' Web sites both remakes and new. 

A couple of those clients said to us: "Good. Now that we have this great Web site with fantastic products to sell, nobody is coming to the store. Why aren't we getting any traffic?" Great question. 

We went and found the answers. We asked, "What are meta tags?" That was then, when they mattered more than they do now.

Our niche.

Since that time, we've been successful in optimizing many sites for valuable search engine positioning. We're most responsive to small and medium sized businesses, which may not have IT or marketing specialists. 

Our goal is apply our expertise to make you look good within the indexes so that the visitors you want will come to your Web presentation. We know what we are doing and stay current on SE technologies and events. We follow the guidelines that keep sites listed within the search engines, avoiding the current "fads" that could may work today, but cause long term problems for your online presence.

Our Fees & Guarantees 

We do not charge  based on ranking achievements. Instead, our services are fee-based for the term of our contract. Rates are highly competitive, based on the individual web site and SEO objectives. We'll submit a rate schedule with our ranking analysis of your site(s). Our fees are based on set-up to initialize the services and on monthly maintenance.

We don't offer any guarantees because there are none in the SEO field unless you pay for visitor referrals or pay (exorbitantly) for ranking achievements. The practice is just too volatile. Each search engine or directory can change its rules at any time, causing web positioning to be drastically different from one indexing period to the next. They've done it. They're doing it today. They'll do it again. 

When we take on a search engine optimization project, we embrace that Web site as if it were our own. We'll learn its content and get to understand its purpose, intent, and character. Then, we apply what we know and work with you on your presentation so we can ensure top results. 

Before we agree to take on a project, we are confident that we'll get your site where you want it to be. Period.

Why Search Engine Positioning? • Optimizing for Search Engines • Search Engine Conflicts • The Learning Curve • SEO Services • Search Engine Masters • Site Assessment Request

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Last Modified:  Friday, January 25, 2008