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"What's it going to look like?"

That's a question uppermost in anyone's mind, and one we hear a lot.  

Our answer:  Your web site should resemble your marketing image. If you have one, that's great! If you don't, we can help you develop one.

Then, based on the intent and objectives, the web site will take form and include those bells-and-whistle elements jointly determined to be of value to the success of the web presentation. What are some of those elements?


  • Flash movies

  • Image rollovers

  • Sound embedding

  • Streaming video/audio

  • Slide presentations

  • Animations

  • Data links

  • User interaction

  • Portable document files

  • Pop-up windows

  • Navigational aids

  • Discussion groups

  • "Live" help

  • The list pulsates with seemingly endless, new variables ...

To help, we'll develop sample graphic to be reviewed and refined, illustrating 2-3 designs for the web site's opening pages be it a makeover for an existing web site or a totally fresh concept. Typically, a Web presentation changes over time. It develops, and this is how.

Web Site Structure • Web Site Design • Web Site Development • Web Site Marketing

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Last Modified:  Friday, January 25, 2008