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Web presentations need not be published at one time. Web sites can be built and released for publication on your approval in stages. That way, costs can be spread over time. 

Stage one may consist of building the skeletal system of a web site. Stage two would add muscle with sections by product line. Stage three could be the circulatory system with database integration or shopping cart development. 

Reviews & approvals

As your web site is built, we gain feedback from your review, while keeping your work-in-process private. We obtain permission before we publish the web site to your domain on the Internet. 

As we're building your web presentation, the work-in-process will be available for your continuing review on a sub domain of an existing host site. That way, you and only those you permit will have access to the documents through password protection.

Once a site is live, and you're proud of it, what then? Depending on its purpose, it should undergo a level of marketing.

Web Site Structure • Web Site Design • Web Site Development • Web Site Marketing

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Last Modified:  Friday, January 25, 2008