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Essentials to a Web Site

Elements that we consider crucial in developing a Web presentation:

  • Does it provide information?

  • Is the information useful?

  • Is the information contained within the Web presentation timely?

  • Is it sufficient for visitors to make a decision?

  • Does the Web site engage your visitor?

  • Can visitors easily find what they're looking for?

  • Can visitors easily find their way through the presentation and always be able to identify their location within it?

  • Are visitors adequately encouraged to return?

  • Will return visits provide them with information they haven't seen or read before?

  • Can the Web presentation track visitors paths?

  • Can the Web presentation sufficiently embrace visitors to establish a dialogue with them?

  • Does the Web presentation guide visitors to the action you desire them to initiate?

  • Is your Web presentation actively promoted on the Internet so that prospective customers can find it?

If you can answer "yes" to those criteria on your Web site, then your Web presentation probably functions well and supports your business.

If not, Tandem Marketing can develop a way for your Web presentation to meet your objectives and your expectations. 

We'll ask a lot questions, and offer some advice. We'll want to know and we can help you formulate or determine reasonable expectations from a Web presentation for your organization.

Only then, can your Web presentation begin to be structured and designed to accomplish your goals.

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