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To be effective, a Web presentation should support your marketing efforts or the objectives you determine for it. If you manufacture and/or sell products, the Web site should continually lead a visitor to the action you want him or her to take.

You could present outline information about your products, and ask visitors to call or contact you for a published copy of your catalog or download an electronic file. You might want to direct them to distributors. You may want to sell the products and process orders directly from your Web site through e-commerce. Or, you may want to detail the services and benefits offered by your organization.

The structure of you presentation depends on the purpose you set for it. It could be as simple as a site with linear links; one with several folders; or, one with multiple sub webs with database support and/or enhanced graphic and presentation elements.

After consulting with you, we can begin to format a structure that will help achieve your objectives. 

Graphic design and indeed, the appearance of your Web presentation come after its framework has been structured. That is the next step.

Web Site Structure • Web Site Design • Web Site Development • Web Site Marketing

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Last Modified:  Friday, January 25, 2008