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Web Perspectives

Anyone can make a website.

A text editor, html coding knowledge, and time are the requirements to build a "home page" with a few supporting pages. You can do it yourself, if you're prepared for a fairly steep learning curve. Or, you can out-source for it. You won't get charged very much for basic service. But, be prepared to get what you pay for. 

Cheaper is not always better, as is verified by an explosion of home-paged websites published when the Internet began its surge as an information source to businesses and organizations. "I can do that," said many computer folks and desktop publishers. And, they did.

Unfortunately, too many web sites created for small to medium sized businesses then and now are first- or second-generation webs. Others are canned presentations from some fairly inexpensive template software. Many of the companies and organizations that paid to have them built or made the sites themselves are:

Dissatisfied with what their sites did then. With what they do now. And, they will never know what could have been accomplished.

Web site builders did their best. Saved some money. Published a string of documents. Unfortunately, too many resulting sites mismatch perspective and technique with objectives. They will never reach the potential that this medium has to offer.

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