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Essentials to a Web Site

What's involved in establishing a Web presentation? These are the first steps.

  • Domain Registration. Your Web site needs a name, and it's called a domain. An estimated 19 million domain names have been registered and thousands more are added every day. Tandem Marketing is a global partner of a leading ICANN-accredited domain registrar, and can handle the search and registration process for you more quickly and efficiently than those who have never done it before. (ICANN stands for The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.)

    Developing a Web site requires an Internet Protocol (IP) address for customers and visitors to locate the site. An IP address is a number, translated as a domain name. It  identifies a company and its location in much the same way a telephone number defines a location. Domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a domain is successfully registered by a company, it is entered into the "Shared Registry System," and the domain name then becomes accessible to Internet users worldwide when it has been set-up on a DNS (see below). Once registered and the fees paid, it is yours and renewable for specific periods.

    An organization's domain name is the front line of their electronic presence. It should be portrayed to the public's perception to the site. Many established companies build on their already-visible and established name, making recognition easier for customers. This is especially important in the virtual village of some 250 million users that comprises the World Wide Web.

    Before adopting a domain name, a review should be performed to determine that the choice of a domain name does not conflict with any registered trademarks and that it is available for registration.

  • DNS Setup. Your site needs an IP address. It gets this through a computer a Domain Name Server on the Internet which logs your domain name and converts it into that number assigned to its resources, and vice versa. Domain Name Servers are the backbone of the Internet. A fee is charged for this setup, and usually requires a primary and secondary DNS in registration before a site can go "live" and reside on the network.

  • Hosting. The files that comprise your Web site need to reside on a computer to which the DNS directs Internet requests. It can be any computer on any network that is capable of providing services to other computers that connect to it. This computer, or host, commonly provides services additional to those required for the Web email, FTP, etc.

Once these are in place, a site can be structured, designed and developed for publishing. Select from the links below to learn how.

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