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    Seamless Folding Panel Systems

    Portable. Flexible. Highly versatile.
    Can be affordably customized with growing range of options.

    Table Top, 8- and 10-ft Units

    From 40 to 95 inches high


    8- and 10-ft

    Faced in fabric on both sides, one display switch-hits as two table top units and a floor display capable of transforming to a different look in minutes.

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        Panels are a half-inch thick and reinforced.

    They're 23-inches on center and pivot 360-degrees to provide a range of exhibiting flexibility.

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    One system can give these variations and more. Top sections are 46-in. high, mid sections, 9-in., and bottom section, 40-in.


    Select from standard FrontRunner and Prelude fabrics to get the color you want.

    Lights, cabinets, slat walls, backlit panels, bridges, insets are just a few of this system's options. Start with an inline  back wall and create your own.

    10- and 12-ft

    You're not locked into a straight back wall configuration with this type of system. Photo at right shows a 5-panel, 10-ft system with end cap assemblies and pedestal counter.

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    16 - 20 Ft

    Want to grow your exhibit?

     Not a problem with connecting hardware.

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        Here's an 8-ft and a 10-ft system, combined as a back wall inline display with an alcove. Peninsular cabinet angles to perimeter of booth for an inviting sales area.

    Towers and Bridges

    Form columns. Use cabinets and counters for individual selling areas. Connect columns with back-lighted and diffused under-lighted bridges.

    Four panel systems, here, become a 20-ft island. The hinged panels on columns open for additional storage for show supplies and materials.

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