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Exhibit Graphics

Tandem designs and produces exhibit graphics to complement trade show marketing and conference exhibiting themes. Our goal is to create images that compellingly portray an exhibitor's marketing message and prompt a desired response from the show audience.

Designed and produced for the exhibit system that has been configured for customer use, the graphics can be opaque or transparent. They can be flexible or mounted to rigid substrates. Tandem applies digital imaging and rendering techniques to compose art. Or, we'll give you the production specs and work with your designs to produce your trade show and point-of-sale images more cost-effectively than if you execute the process yourself. Our review approval process can be accomplished through password-protected pages on this site, through email, and/or hard copy proofs.

When practicable, we recommend high resolution digital scans of all photographic images that will be used on graphics. Then, most graphics are printed through a high-resolution inkjet process. For maximum value and repeated use, we specify production on a polycarbonate product that is laminated with or to a second surface. Typically, the front surface is a non-reflective, matte finish. Several textures and mountings are available. 

To see a few examples from our portfolio, select this link. Then, if you would like a quote on your graphics–design and production–or just production, contact us with the details.

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