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Exhibit System Management

These services eliminate unexpected problems that may occur on the trade show floor. Nothing is worse for you and your exhibit staff than a dirty display or missing, damaged parts, incorrect or missing graphics, and shipping errors. 

To avoid those, we offer exhibit services to store, ship, inspect, clean your exhibit, report any deficiencies, and perform other services to make your  display  "show ready" for each event. These services allow you to focus on your primary business activities and eliminate the need for your own onsite warehousing and exhibit maintenance:

Master & Graphics Inventories

We will take an inventory of your exhibit and exhibit materials, case by case. The contents of each case will be listed, and entered into our inventory system and your file.  Each case is then suitably marked with your identification, address, and phone number.

We create a separate inventory of your exhibit graphics, taking a digital photo of each graphic and labeling it to coordinate with the digital file. A composite sheet of all your graphics will be emailed to you. 

Anytime you add new graphics, we will update your graphics inventory records. Then, when you notify us of a show, simply use the graphics inventory composite to indicate which graphics should be sent with your exhibit.

Outbound Pull & Load Out

Once we receive a show order from you, we will pull your exhibit and selected graphics from storage, and ensure that all inventories are packed correctly.

We will make sure that set-up instructions, return bills of lading, and labels are completed and packed in the lead case of the shipment. Check lists for re-packing  each case will be included with the documentation. These reference forms are provided as a convenience to your exhibiting staff when repackaging for return shipments.

Shipping Coordination

Tandem Marketing has negotiated contracts with reliable freight companies that will handle your exhibit carefully and cost-effectively.

Tandem will coordinate the shipping of your exhibit and, if you require, your collateral and show materials for each trade show. We create the outbound shipping labels and bills of lading, along with return shipping labels and bills of lading. 

Shipments are insured for more than the value of the property and are meticulously tracked to monitor complete inventory control and carrier accountability. We notify your of all tracking details and arrivals.

Inbound Inspection

Upon the return of your exhibit, Tandem Marketing will perform an inbound inspection.

We unpack the exhibit, clean it when necessary, check for damage and/or missing inventory, prepare an inspection report, repack according to the master inventory sheet, and place your property in storage.

An inspection report will be faxed to you within 48 hours of the exhibit's return.

Should repairs, replacement parts, refurbishment or major cleaning be needed, we will price that for you and process the order in time for your exhibit to be ready for your next event. We will furnish digital photos of any damages for your records, and institute any claims for which carriers may be responsible.

Show Services

Tandem Marketing can help you arrange the on-site services that you may require for exhibiting at trade shows. 

These include arrangements and contracts for: electrical, telecommunications, dreyage, plants, booth cleaning, carpet selection, talent, special rental furniture, A-V support, computer equipment, scanners, special I&D, and/or rigging.

You can give us those complicated show books, and we’ll help interpret the confusing details for you and make recommendations to fulfill your exhibiting needs.


Charges for all show services that are contracted by Tandem for your events are billed at cost, plus twenty-five per cent. The mark-up on those costs is our fee.

All but shipping, and any I&D labor must be prepaid at the time of your initial order for event services. These can be paid by credit card or company check. 

Additional charges that may be incurred at the event and billed by the exposition company or its contractors will be your responsibility, unless those charges are invoiced to Tandem Marketing, in which case the same billing rate applies.

Storage bills at $25.00 per exhibit case or container, $50 per exhibit crate or tub, per month, payable quarterly in advance. There is a one time charge of $250 to set-up your program, covering receipt, physical inventory, digital forms, and insurance arrangements. Each inbound inspection from a trade event bills at $75 for each 10-ft section of a display. I&D set-up and customer previews bill at $75 per hour.


Training additional staff members in your exhibit assembly, handling and dismantling is available at your site or ours at a rate of $250 per session for portable and modular systems, plus any travel time and expenses as may be incurred. 

Typically, such site visits or training with up to 12 people at our facility require 2-3 hours, and need to be pre-scheduled.

Refurb and Cleaning

Exhibit system refurbishment is by quotation only.

Minor cleaning is included in in inbound inspections. Major cleaning and inspection, not included in such contract, is based on $250 per 8-10 ft section.

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